This is Why You Should NEVER Put Tilapia In Your Mouth Again (from inflammation to cancer)

Tilapia is the one of the top three most consumed fish in the United States. Recent investigations found evidence that the fish is being produced in China with bad farming practices.

Most Americans love Tilapia because it’s cheap, it may be bought boneless, skinless, and it has a unique taste.

The biggest problem with Tilapia is the origin where it comes from. The fish we buy today is more likely to be farmed instead of wild caught because of the massive market request. The farming scale is so large that thousands of fish are harvested on a daily basis.

The problem with farmed fish is that they are only fed with soy pallets and GMO corn, rather than wild caught fish that mainly eat algae and plants. Just by eating a single Tilapia fish you can encounter several health problems from inflammation like asthma, heart disease, and even arthritis.

People are fooled when they believe they are receiving omega 3 fatty acids from Tilapia oil, which is supposed to decrease their chance of having a heart attack. So instead of helping themselves, they are actually increasing the risk of having a heart attack.

Here are the main reasons why you should never eat Tilapia fish again:

Cancer Causing Pollutants
Farmed fish are 10 times more likely to be exposed to cancerous pollution over wild fish. The main ingredient that farmed fish are fed with is usually chicken poop. The recent investigations found that they also use processed pig or duck waste to feed the farmed Tilapia fish.

Higher Pesticides and Antibiotics
Farmed fish generally pack higher content of pesticides and antibiotics. This is basically because the fish are bred in large groups, which makes it easier for them to have diseases. For this reason, farmed fish are given antibiotics to keep them healthy, and pesticides are usually given to get rid of sea lice. This pesticide is incredibly strong; it has been proven to kill wild salmon fish on accident. Moreover, these pesticides are then released into the sea, which then produces toxic effects on other marine life when ingested.

Low Omega-3 to Omega-6 Ratios
Farmed fish has extremely low health nutrients compared to wild fish. The omega 3 fatty acid that is supposed to help our overall health does nothing at all in comparison to wild fish. These fish are raised in pools, which makes them fatter and they often contain more omega 6 fatty acids. When too much omega 6 fatty acid is consumed it causes the body to be more prone to inflammation. Farmed tilapia has such a great amount of unbalanced omega 3 to omega 6 ratios that it can impact our bodies drastically.

High Dioxin Levels
Last, but not least, farmed tilapia has 11 times more dioxins than a wild tilapia fish would. While dioxins are not toxic, it has been shown to affect your body and create cancerous cells. The horrible fact about dioxins is that they stay in the body for a long period time, about 7 to 11 years; this can affect your body in a bad way over time.
All in all, it’s important to know that the farm-bred tilapia is deficient in the vital nutrients your body needs. Instead, you should opt for healthier fish or wild tilapia.

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