What Happens To Your Health When You Quit Eating Meat?

You may not realize all the actual harm that goes into your body when you devour meat, and you may be adverting your gaze away from all of these potential harms simply for the fact that you are a meat eater. Well, let me be one of the first few to persuade you to a healthier diet that is entirely meat-free and provides just as many healthy benefits to yourself, including the world around you.

Reduced Inflammation
When changing to less power foods that are not meat, you will reduce the amount of inflammation in the body. When a person consumes animal fat our arteries become paralyzed and makes it difficult for them to open, and it causes inflammation in the lungs as well. All of these things can cause long term problems like autoimmune diseases, cancer, diabetes and heart disease.
All of these are perfectly valid reasons for you to quit eating meat and try a vegetable based diet instead.

Lose Weight 
Obesity is a big problem in America today, but obesity in vegetarians is a lot lower than people who eat meat. A study that was published in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics explained that the amount of calories that vegetarians and meat eaters intake were about the same, the only difference was that meat eaters had a lower intake of fiber, magnesium, beta carotene, and plant proteins. Meat eaters have a higher chance of heart diseases.

Benefits Earth 
Switching to a diet that doesn’t contain any meat can affect the world around you. Saying this, 30% of the Earth’s land mass is used to raise animals for food. This can go back to being natural and grow vegetables and other foods that are grown from the soil. A ripple effect would occur when people switch to a vegetable diet, and it would make our world and the people significantly healthier.

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