How To Make A Perfect Boiled Egg?

Cooking a perfect egg according to your taste requires a good cooking sense and a certain skill. Although there are numerous different tastes and preferences, you can easily get it wrong the first few times.

In some cases, the egg can end up being too dry or the yolk can separate itself from the egg white.

This mostly happens since eggs need two different temperatures to cook both the egg white and the yolk. The egg white requires a temperature of 180 degrees in order to be cooked perfectly, while the egg yolk requires 170 degrees.

The secret was discovered by one chef, and now he’s sharing it with the world. He came to this conclusion after putting several eggs in pre-boiled water and then adding several ice cubes in order to diminish the heat.

After that, he started pulling the eggs one by one in a two minutes difference. Below is a chart he shared to show the cooking time for the perfect egg of your choice. You’ll never cook it wrong again! Enjoy!

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