Every Woman Should Know These Tricks. Here Is Why!

Almost every woman carries an extra sanitary pad in their purse, but just a few may know that this common hygienic item can come in really handy in a number of situations, not only during your periods. The fact that they are wrapped in cotton and individually packed in waterproof foils makes them the perfect alternatives to many other items.

Here is what else you can use them for:

Cover and Protect Wounds – Sanitary pads are an excellent way to stop bleeding in case you don’t have have a band-aid around. Simply cut a piece as large as you need and apply it on the cut/wound by pressing lightly. The sanitary pad is completely safe to use because of its sanitary packing. In addition, you can put medicated ointment on its surface which will not only prevent contamination but will also speed up the healing process.

Breast Pads – Don’t waste money on breast pads if you are breastfeeding and have a leaky boob syndrome. Just cut a sanitary pad and stick it into your bra with the adhesive on the back.

Shoe Pads – An easy way to get rid of sweaty feet and bad odors is to put a pad inside your shoe before putting it on.

Control Your Sweating – You sweat a lot and you have to wear a shirt on the hottest day of the year? Sanitary pads make a perfect instant armpit sweat protector. Just put the pads inside the shirt armpits and stop a ring forming around the armpit.

Sprout Seeds – Soak a sanitary pad in water to the maximum and place it into a glass jar lying horizontally. Sprinkle the seeds and then place the jar in a sunny location. The seeds will start sprouting in no time.

Clean Up – Sanitary pads are an excellent alternative to paper towels. If you have a dirty microwave, soak a sanitary pad in water and sprinkle a little bit of baking soda on it. Put the pad in the microwave and nuke it for 1 minute. This method will help steam up the inside of the microwave and soften the food residue that’s stuck on the walls. When this is over, use the same pad to wipe the walls. Repeat the process if necessary. Not only this, but you can also use a sanitary pad to soak up any liquid mess in the fridge! A sanitary pad with baking soda on it can help absorb food odors from the fridge as well. Just open the pad and place it in the fridge. It will automatically absorb all the odors.

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