Coconut is a magical fruit in every possible way. Even though many just consider coconuts as a tropical fruit, lately coconut has become more famous than ever before. It is a key ingredient in many health care and beauty related products.

But beyond these healthy forms of coconut lies a magical form that many other people don’t know about or even think to consider using it in their daily routines.

Coconut Kefir is a beverage that’s becoming more and more popular due to its incredible health benefits. It is a powerful immunity booster that fights off harmful yeasts and bacteria. If you’re dealing with low energy, blood sugar issues, digestive issues, excess weight, and sugar cravings, coconut kefir will help you heal.

While kombucha brought us back to the world of fermented foods, coconut kefir is taking the reigns pretty fast.

Why Plant-Based Fermented Foods Like Coconut Kefir Are Important

Before trying coconut kefir, you need to know why fermented and cultured foods are important. Did you know that the human body has more bacteria cultures than human cells? Our bodies are more composed of bacteria than anything else, and there are both good bacteria and bad bacteria. A fact is that you’ll never be able to get rid of all the bad bacteria, it’s just how the body works. But it is always better to have more good bacteria than bad bacteria. When there is more bad bacteria like yeasts, viruses, fungi, etc. over good bacteria like probiotics and prebiotics, the body tends to be sick more often and tends to develop problems like yeast infections, fungal overgrowth and have symptoms like acne, jock itch, the cold, the flu, have chronic digestive complains, a number of food allergies, food cravings, weight gain, and some may even develop depression as the good gut bacteria directly influences brain health.

Fermented foods like cultured veggies, yogurt, kombucha, kefir, chocolate, and pickles all contain natural sources of probiotics. You can also take a probiotic supplement and eat prebiotics (such as onions, asparagus, garlic, bananas, and others) that feed good gut bacteria. Antibiotics, pesticides, eating animal foods treated with hormones and chemicals, stress, contact with fungi, viruses, and harmful yeasts, all lower our body’s good gut bacteria. But don’t reach for that Yoplait or Dannon yogurt just yet – dairy is not the best option when it comes to taking care of your gut. What is? Coconut kefir.

How Coconut Kefir Can Help and What It’s All About:

Coconut water kefir is made from coconut water. It is fermented from kefir grains that will benefit the organism and boost good digestion, gut health, immunity and is able to enhance the brain’s health. Kefir is made out of dairy milk as the sugars in milk (lactose) feed on the good bacteria to grow. Dairy kefir contains many health benefits, but all the benefits really come from the kefir, not cow’s milk. Since dairy isn’t the best health promoting choice out there, it’s best to try to find an ulterior medium to culture good bacteria (such as kefir grains). Coconut water contains natural sugars which will allow the kefir seeds to feed on and contains just as much lactose without all the negative side effects that come with dairy.

How is Coconut Kefir Special?

Coconut on its own as a whole food promotes a healthy immune system, contains antiviral properties, and has been shown to boost liver and brain health. When the water or milk from coconut is cultured with kefir grains to make coconut kefir, the benefits skyrocket. Coconut water kefir contains more beneficial strains and organisms than dairy-based kefir, or any kind of yogurt. Yogurt doesn’t colonize good bacteria in the digestive system, but kefir does. Coconut water kefir is also lower in calories than dairy forms, has no fat or sugar, and is much more palatable! It’s been shown to help with the following: cleanse the body, enhance digestion of all foods, flatten the stomach, promote a better mood, balance hormones, increase your energy, eliminate Candida (a harmful yeast), stop the growth of stomach cancer cells, and even stop cravings for sugar.

Buy It or Make It: How to Get Your Hands On This Magical Elixir

You can easily find coconut kefir in a health store, and it’s usually found in the section with probiotics and will be refrigerated. However, if you are crafty in the kitchen, you can easily make your own:

All you need is water kefir grains, which can be found online, or you can use store bought coconut kefir to act as a starter culture.

Once you have your culture starter, you’ll need one whole coconut to use the fresh water and milk out of it. Buy a young coconut that’s white, not a brown one as they can have lower nutrients and might even be spoiled. Never use bottled coconut water as it’s lacking all the true health benefits.

To make your own coconut kefir, follow these easy directions below:

1.  First, cut open your coconut, you’ll need a cleaver or a large knife. After cutting the coconut open, you’ll need the water to make your kefir and you can scrape out the meat (coconut butter) to use it for smoothies, desserts, or just eat it off the spoon!

2. Using a blender, blend 1 serving of purchased kefir grains or 1 tablespoon of store bought coconut kefir with the coconut water.

3.  Blend for 30 seconds enough to warm up the mixture slightly. High-powered blenders will do this more efficiently than other blenders, but most blenders will start to warm up just a bit within 30-60 seconds. (Just make sure the lid is on good!)

4. Once blended, pour the mixture into a large, sterilized glass bowl, or even a clean, slow-cooker pot insert. You just want something glass, not plastic, which will be non-toxic.

5. Place a towel over the bowl and make sure to cover it well and place it into a cold oven for 2 days. Keeping it in the oven will ensure no air drafts inside will disrupt the fermentation process. Check your kefir after a day. It should smell sour but not spoiled (similar to yogurt.) The concoction should be a bit bubbly, which means it’s alive and working!

6. After a day, transfer the liquid to a glass pitcher container and store it in the refrigerator, or you can let it ferment for another day if you don’t feel it has the “right” smell. Once again, it should smell like yogurt or store bought kefir.

How to Use Coconut Kefir

You can use coconut water kefir in smoothies, or just have a tablespoon or two in the morning in some water with lemon and stevia for a better flavor, or just stir it into overnight oats. Don’t add it to hot beverages like tea and coffee since high heat destroys the probiotics.

Coconut water kefir and other naturally fermented foods are important to add to your diet to maintain good health. After all, you got to take care of all those good bacteria so they can take care of you!

Don’t forget to share as you might help someone in need, Cheers!

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Coconut is a magical fruit in every possible way. Even though many just consider coconuts as a tropical fruit, lately coconut has become more famous than ever before. It is a key ingredient in many health care and beauty related products. But beyond these healthy forms of coconut lies a...