When Were You Born? This Is What Your Birth Month Reveals About You

Everyone knows their zodiac signs and horoscopes, as well as what they say about us. However, did you know that the actual month you were born in can explain a lot more about your personality?

The actual month you were born in can reveal how others see you, your thoughts and feelings about life, and simply your overall personality. Read below to learn what your birth month says about you.



Those who are born in the month of January are considered to have some of the strongest work ethics. They are never afraid to speak their mind; are stubborn beyond belief, headstrong, and are some of the world’s greatest leaders. They’re also always persistent in the need for success, and they love to be mentors to others. Learning new things is always a big plus for them.



People born in February are some of the most creative people you will ever meet. They’re always looking for new projects to work on and their imagination is limitless. They love intelligent conversations, but dislike shallowness, and they’re often called free-spirits. They can’t help but be loyal, honest, and expressive about their entire being.



People born in March tend to be some of the most creative and imaginative, but very shy and quiet as well. They’re always thinking about new things, but never really speaking out loud about their thoughts. They don’t like noisy, loud, or disturbing places as they need the solitude in order to be happy.



People born in April tend to be attention seekers and love to be in the spotlight. They hate it when someone gives them orders, would rather lead than follow, and are always lurking for their next adrenaline rush. They always act first and ask questions later, but they’re always speaking their minds.



People born in May are considered to be some of the most fickle beings you will ever meet. They want something one day, and something entirely different the next. They tend to express themselves easily and love to chat with others who come from various corners of life. Intelligence goes a long way with these people.



People born in June are considered to be one some of the most sensitive beings you will ever meet. Being soft-spoken and shy, these people are extremely admired for these qualities. They always like to think way ahead into the future, and are ones that create new and inventive things that they can share with other people. There is a whole different world living inside of them.



People born in July are considered to be some of the most extroverted people you will ever meet. They are extremely adventurous, and they live for the good times, though they can sometimes appear a little over-confident. Even though they seem cheerful, there is a lot more mystery to these people than it meets the eye.



People born in August tend to be some of the most natural leaders ever. They always stand their ground for what they believe in, despite being a little bit bossy and opinionated. They are some of the most amazing critical thinkers but have a hard time expressing their emotions.



People born in September have some of the highest expectations of others, and they often get disappointed when those expectations are not met. They’re extremely stubborn and are able to hold grudges if you anger them enough. They also prefer to be perfectionists. However, they’re some of the kindest, most creative, and sensitive people you will ever meet.



People born in October tend to be some of the most stable and balanced beings you will ever meet. However, confronting them makes them nervous and they choose to avoid it whenever they can. They have an everlasting love for their friends and family but are also some of the most independent people you will ever meet.



People born in October are actually considered to be some of the most secretive beings. They too often hide their true emotions from others, hate it when others tell them what to do, and prefer to create their own road to victory. They’re a little impulsive but that goes without having any fears at all. Nothing can ever stop them.



People born in December are true adventurers. They are as well the most generous beings you will ever meet. However, they have short fuses with people when pride gets in the way. They are always on the go and can’t sit still for too long.

Source: HigherPerspective

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