7 Toxic Beauty Care Chemicals That Are Slowly Killing You!

We all have some beauty rituals, either in the morning or evening, before we go to bed. However, we must be careful with the ingredients we select as nowadays harmful toxic chemicals are everywhere – thousands of them, literally. All you need to do is walk to your nearest supermarket and select some of those advertised “healthy” and “cosmetic” beauty and hygiene products. That is all it takes to expose yourself to a potential health threat.

Following is a short list of frequently used chemicals, most of which you probably have in your home that can ruin your health.

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1. Parabens


This is one of the most frequently used preservatives in the beauty and hygiene industry. It is mainly found in shampoos, soaps, body wash, and sometimes even in toothpastes. This is the case mainly in the US, as Europe has already banned the usage of most Paraben ingredients in cosmetic products. The reason for this fairly obvious, given how parabens behave once they come in contact with the human body. It can easily penetrate the skin and interfere with the hormonal balance inside the body. Not to anyone’s surprise, these ingredients have been found in the tumors of no less than 100% of breast cancer cases!

2. Phthalates


Can’t pronounce the word? No worries, i can’t quite do it either. However, this group of ingredients is frequently used in the cosmetic industry to keep the products soft. A good example would be a nail polish, as manufacturers utilize Phthalates to make nail polish more durable and stop it from breaking. Other product groups where these chemicals can be found are eyeliners, lip gloss, deodorants, blushes and hair sprays. Research suggests that these chemicals accumulate in the human body and can ultimately result in the creation of cancer and tumor cells. The really alarming bit is that a recent research by the CDC showed that literally, every person has traces of these chemicals inside their body, given the popularity of mainstream beauty and hygiene products.

3. Formaldehyde


Even with all of its health damaging effects, this chemical is considered a great achievement in modern day cosmetic chemistry. With a little tweaking, scientists have found a way of enabling Formaldehyde to be released as preservative inside the cosmetic product container. In other words, over time, this ingredient helps your deodorant, hair gel and/or shampoo become a toxic sludge. There is no exaggeration here, as this chemical is thoroughly researched and classified as a carcinogen, and raises the risk for ADHD, insomnia and depression.



EDTA stands short for Ethylenediaminetetraacetic Acid and is classified as a preservative used in shampoos, bath soaps, hair dyes and conditioners. Chronic use can lead to birth disability and reproductive damage.

5. Propylene Glycol


The Material Safety Data Sheet instructs us that we must avoid all contact with this chemical. This however, does not prevent the cosmetic companies from utilizing it in their products to claim improved complexity and external appearance of your skin. That is an interesting choice of words on their part, as the frequent side effects of getting in contact with Propylene Glycol include cell membrane mutation and inhibited skin growth.

6. Toluene


Beginning its life as a natural ingredient in the Tolu tree, this ingredient is used commercially where it’s added to gasoline and used to blend other chemicals. This toxic blend can be found in many nail products, which means it can expose millions of people to its potentially damaging effects which include lung irritation, kidneys and liver failure, and damage to the central nervous system.

7. Talc


The reason why Talc is a heavy hitter when it comes to health damaging effects is the presence of cancerous asbestos. Some research shows that even talc itself as an ingredient is carcinogenic. What is especially alarming with talc is the fact that it is used in baby products, like baby powder, where it stops the powder from caking. Other products that contain this ingredient include lipstick, deodorant, eyeliners and eyeshadow.

However, it is impossible for modern-day people to completely stop using and avoid these kinds of products. But what you can always do is make sure the products you’re using are chemical-free, well at least free from the chemicals mentioned above. What we advise you to do is go down to your cosmetic cupboard and have a look at the ingredient labels of the products there. If you see any of the above, you know what to do. (Figuratively, of course.)

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